Sale price and shipping costs

  • Are the catalog prices the same ones listed on the website?
  • Are the shipping costs for each offer the same ones present in the cart of your website?
  • o prices and shipping costs include VAT?
  • Is the decimal separator of the price the same used for shipping costs and weight?
  • The price field must not contain the currency symbol.
  • The shipping costs field must not contain the currency symbol.
  • You must indicate the free delivery with “0”.
Have you answered NO to at least one question?

HELP – Sale price and shipping costs:

The price must be:

  • Numeric
  • Inclusive of VAT
  • Must not have the thousands separator
  • Must not contain the currency symbol

If you have different shipping methods (eg: standard / express or islands / foreign) set for each offer the lowest user-selectable value.If the shipping costs are included in the selling price, enter 0.

If you cannot enter the shipping costs directly in the feed (which is always the preferred option), you can write how they are calculated (for weight or price ranges, with gratuity thresholds) in the specific section (last page of the Tour of the Feed). We will set them for you. If in the future you had to change them, you will need to go to the “shipping costs” section of Services, our control panel, for which you will receive your login credentials at the time of the activation.